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I Scream, You scream, Icecream!!


I am sure you love it as well.

Your eyes shine with happiness at the mention of it.

Your heart craves for that specific chocolate flavour that you absolutely love.

I can still remember my childhood days, when the icecream-man used to roam the streets with his icecream trolley. His way of announcing his arrival was to bang the cover of the box multiple times. No matter where we were, or what we were doing, his arrival announcement would always reach our ears.

He was the "Pied Piper", we the followers, depending on the mood of our parents.

Most days Ma would not allow it. She would say, "it is made up of dirty water and will make you sick". I would go back into the house with a sad face.

But there were also days when she would give me a rupee and the permission to run after the 'Pied Piper'. Happiness knew no bounds on those days.

Do you have a childhood icecream experience to share with us?

Nowadays, the fact that icecream can bring such beautiful happiness is sometimes totally forgotten.

As the deliciously sweet icecream melts in the mouth and the taste buds jump up with joy...the brain sends a message, "Smile, smile, life is beautiful...."

Our 'Cheerful Child' kids are no exception.

On a hot humid evening, they enjoy a "cup of happiness".

As we relish every scoop of it together, we promise to pause and appreciate life every moment.

Let us try to share things which are easily available to us and bring more smiles around us by doing so...........

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